How to Make a Dog House out of Cardboard?

Statistics say that the majority of USA’s pet owners love dogs. Yes, Americans prefer dogs over cats, we do love our dogs. Yet, it comes as a surprise that there are many dog owners who do not have a proper dog house. A dog cannot feel at home unless he has his own dog house in your house. It does not matter if you spend hundreds of bucks a month on the upkeep of your dog, if he does not have his own little space, he cannot enjoy being with you.

However, this can be resolved with the help of a small and inexpensive thing: the cardboard box. You can use easily available and totally inexpensive cardboard boxes to make dog houses. In this blog post, I am going to show you how to make a fancy and comfortable dog house for your pet. Luckily, as per the statistics, we are moving from big to medium or small size dogs and thus we do not need a huge dog house.


  1. Get a cardboard box or sheet

First of all, you need to get an unused cardboard box or sheet as per the size of your dog. Make sure that you get the measurements of your dog. Your doghouse cardboard or cardboard sheets must be big enough to accommodate the full length, width, and height of your dog. This is just to make sure that your pet enjoys enough room.


  1. Get other material

Apart from cardboard, you need colors or wallpaper, tape or glue, scissors, scale and a strong net.


  1. Cut the flaps as per the measurements

Make sure that measurements were taken while considering that you are not going to shove your dog into a tight box, but give him enough room. Now cut 4 square pieces. They will serve the purpose of the walls of your doghouse. Also, cut two more equally wide and big pieces to make the roof.


  1. Make the house

To make the house, get all four pieces of the walls and tape the flanks to each other. Make sure that you should tape them from inside and use the duct tape or another sturdier tape, because your dog may mess up with the tape.

Now you have a square box without any roof or floor. Get the two sheets that you cut for the roof and bring them together forming a triangle. Now, tape the roof from the inside. Again use duct tape or some other sturdier tape. If you think that you do likes to mess up with things, make sure to use some high-quality glue.

Now you can see that you have the initial shape of a dog house. However, there are no windows and no door. Plus you see that where the front and rear walls meet with the roof, there are two big triangular holes. Use the tape or glue to paste the net (color of your choice) and give your dog a beautiful window with lots of ventilation.

Last, but not the least, draw a door on the front wall (this step should be done before you ever glue or tape the front wall cardboard with others) and use scissors to make a door. Remember, it is not a dollhouse, so by the door, I mean a half oval-shaped hole in the front wall. Now paint the walls and roof, or apply a wallpaper to make it look like a home sweet home.


This is it. Job well-done! Now your dog has its own dog house made out of cardboard boxes for the USA. If you paid attention, you would have noticed that we have not applied floor to this house. It is because most of the dog houses are supposed to be without the floor. You keep it on grass or inside your home and your dog gets a grassy or rugged floor. Loved the idea? Share it with others and write back to us.


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